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Sust’āinable Molokai is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which means, that in addition to our deep appreciation of your generosity, your donation is tax deductible!

Sust`āinable Molokai is a local, grassroots group formed to inspire youth and all Molokai residents to work toward a more sustainable future for our island.

As a community-led and driven process, Sust`āinable Molokai adopts a broad and inclusive approach. We draw upon the strengths inherent in our island´s close-knit community and seek to cultivate symbiotic and diverse partnerships for projects designed to become self-supporting.

Sust`āinable Molokai conducts education and advocacy work that honors traditional and cultural pathways alongside modern strategies for sustainability. We build partnerships and call upon community networks to restore `āina momona (abundance) to the land and people.

OUR LOGO… OUR VISION… our commitment

The Sust `āinable Molokai design captures the love that we have for our island home. For many of us, Molokai is a living being, a beloved kupuna (ancestor) and cherished member of our `ohana (family). For this reason, we are fiercely protective of her.
Molokai Nui A Hina – the Great Child of Hina – is enfolded by her mother’s embrace. Hina’s hair adorns Molokai, like the kuahiwi (mountains) that attract the mist and call the rains of blessing upon us. Hina is manifested also in the hinahina flowers that blanket the coastline. Hina is present too in the phases of the moon that mark the times for planting, harvesting, fishing, resting and regeneration.

The design also touches upon Molokai`s reputation from ancient times as `āina momona (the fat or abundant land). The ocean appears as a net or a basket weave, connoting an abundant harvest. The school of manini fish and the kalo (taro) growing represent the momona of Molokai that we strive to restore.

The dual black and white imagery of the manini and kalo depicts our collective dream to restore the pono (balance) of the land and sea through living sustainably and renewing our connection to nature.

Placed in the center of Molokai is a bowl of poi, the physical manifestation of Hāloa, the first born and hiapo (eldest brother) of the people. In deference to Haloa, when the poi bowl is on the table, families do not argue. In that spirit, we remain committed to each other as a community and seek together pathways to sust `āinability.

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