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What is the Kamalo site?

2016-06-17 10.13.14The Kamalo Watersheds and Restoration Project (the Kamalo Project) involves the establishment of a protected conservation site in the Kamalo community of Molokai that will serve as an educational and professional hub for the purposes of advancing agro-forestry and permaculture as both restorative techniques and sustainable economic development models.

SM is currently working to plant structural bamboo in specific areas that will aid in decreased erosion and be used for development of a localized social enterprise. Bamboo is fast-growing and can be harvested in a short period of time. SM will partner with local farmers to harvest the bamboo for production into affordable housing units. This will not only benefit environmental restoration, but will also increase economic opportunity on the island and aid in the current housing crisis throughout the State of Hawaii.

The watershed is a living classroom capable of teaching about the importance of conservation, serving as a destination for ecotourism, and creating pathways to economic opportunity. This project will culminate in an educational center that includes working stations within the watershed for showcasing agro-forestry and permaculture restoration, in addition to a bamboo-shaded picnic area featuring local food. Programming will involve hands-on educational activities for youth and students, advanced classes and workshops for educators and professionals, storytelling with kupuna (elders), and more.

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