MECO Presentation

In an effort to keep our community updated on the and complicated world of energy and the politics of utilities in the state of Hawaii we are posting the Presentation that MECO gave in September. This presentation is the culmination of 13 meetings and over a hundred...

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Half Moon Venture presentation

Aloha Molokai! We have some pretty big decisions to make in the upcoming months and years around Renewable energy projects that will get us to cleaner, hopefully, cheaper energy. One of those projects is being developed by a Chicago based firm Half Moon Venture. On...

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Sust `aina ble Molokai receives OHA grant for E Kumupa`a Volunteer Day Event

Kaunakakai,Molokai – Sust`aina ble Molokai is honored to announce the award of a grant from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) in the amount of $6,000 though the Ahahhui fund. This will allow us to hold a one day volunteer work day event at our conservation and farm site in Kamalo, Molokai E Kumupa`a, calling on all of us through-out the Island of Molokai to restore a firm foundation for our `aina (land).

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Samso 100% Renewable Energy Island

  Please enjoy this piece  from "The Climate Diaries"  that CBS  did  on Samso, Denmark. Soren  and Malene  were just in Molokai  helping  to create a dynamic community process  for becoming 100% renewable energy! We can't...

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Richardson Law School Students Tackle Micro Grids for Molokai

Are electric micro grids the solution for Moloka`i or O`ahu? Law students at the William S. Richardson School of Law want to know. Last year the students in the Environmental Law Program (ELP) Energy Justice Working Group examined the proposed takeover of the Hawaiian...

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Greenhouse for Maunaloa Elementary!

On Thursday, June 26, we completed our latest project at the Maunaloa Elementary School. Back in January, we received a grant from the Kohala Center on Hawaii Island, to construct a brand new greenhouse for the coming school year. We're so excited to announce that...

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