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Energy Assessment

Sust` aina ble Molokai has published the second piece in our Molokai-pedia project the Molokai Energy Assessment. This assessment follows the Agriculture Needs Assessment that helped to inform the needs in the community for food security and farmer economic security.

For a hard copy of the Molokai Energy Assessment please call our office in Hoolehua at 560-5410, check one out from the Kuha`o Business Center Library, or pick one up at one of our community meetings.

Due to the information gathered we are able pursue the development of a Molokai Food hub that will be able to help local farmers gain access to local markets on island, help our students by gaining access to local food through the cafeteria and eventually establishing off island markets for our farmers long term economic security.

It is our intent that the Molokai Energy Assessment in the same way as the Agriculture Needs Assessment has, help to inform community and other stakeholders on the true needs of Molokai as it relates to energy. We are now ready to move forward to the next step of building an energy secure community by bringing the assessment to the community in a series of meetings, working groups where it can be used as a road map to help create successful small and large scale renewable energy projects for our community.

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