After 3 months of an aggressive bulb exchange program done by hundreds of community volunteers in partnership with Blue Planet Foundation, Molokai has reduced it’s carbon footprint of over 16,000 tons of greenhouse gases over the life of the new CFL bulbs. This translates into the prevention of usage of 24,000 barrels of oil.

We thank Harmonee Williams and Sybil Lopez, volunteer leaders with our Sust `āina ble Molokai’s Advisory Council, for coordinating with Blue Planet and our various community partners to make this project a successful one.

Sybil will be continuing further with a door-to-door campaign with Blue Planet Foundation to make sure any families who may have missed the bulb-exchange campaign has another chance to make a difference for the environment. Sybil will be representing the Kalama`ula-Mauka Hawaiian Homestead Association as its Board President. The Homestead Association strongly supports energy efficiency and sustainable living as part of its strategic focus.

Our little island is making a huge impact for the benefit of all. We are making national and international headlines. To see the latest news, be sure to check the Molokai community project website: GO GREEN & CARBON CLEAN.

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