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Sust’āinable Molokai is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which means, that in addition to our deep appreciation of your generosity, your donation is tax deductible!

Sustʻāina ble Molokai joined the Hawaiʻi Farm to School and School Garden Hui in 2012.  The Hui, led by The Kohala Center supports more than 60 school learning gardens on Hawai‘i Island through technical assistance, professional development programs, and mini-grants. The Network also administers FoodCorps Hawai‘i and the statewide Hawai‘i Farm to School and School Garden Hui, both of which work to develop garden and nutrition programs for learning gardens and help schools procure fresh, healthy, locally grown food.

Since 2013, we have partnered with The Kohala Center to work with FoodCorps, a national organization, program that addresses childhood obesity and food insecurity in underserved communities. FoodCorps Service Members will dedicate one year of full-time public service in school food systems, where they will expand hands-on nutrition education programs, build and tend school gardens, and help bring high-quality, locally produced foods into schools.

Sustʻāina ble Molokai in partnership with FoodCorps, helps connect Molokai’s keiki to real food, healthier eating habits, and the land itself. We also partner with The Kohala Center, which works to develop gardens and nutrition programs for learning gardens, and helps schools procure fresh, healthy, locally grown food.

Our FoodCorps service members strive to give all children an enduring relationship with healthy food. FoodCorps envisions a future in which all our nation’s children know what healthy food is, care where it comes from, and have access to it every day.

On Molokai we connect kids with local farmers, encouraging them to “know their farmers, know their food.” We teach them about the importance of healthy local food and returning Molokai to the model of ʻāina momona that can inspire the world.

We are currently working in the Molokai Middle School, Molokai High School, Maunaloa Elementary School, and Kaunakakai Elementary School.  We hope to eventually work with every school and reach every Molokai student.  Please feel free to contact Harmonee Williams with any questions at 560-5410 or [email protected].

Our current FoodCorps Members are Lacey Phifer and Jameil Saez, and our previous FoodCorps Member Simon Mendes.




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