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Molokai: Future of a Hawaiian Island

“Molokai: Future of a Hawaiian Island” was created in 2008, shortly after the closing of Molokai Ranch, when many were asking the Molokai community: “Ok, so what do you want?” To begin to answer that question, the authors of this document looked at the numerous community plans and studies that had been written over the years. Many common themes emerged. The document summarizes those important themes, and also asks a new question: what resources can we nurture, and what initiatives can we create ourselves so the entire island can return to pono and thrive in abundance?

Molokai: Future of a Hawaiian Island opens this dialogue. It is meant to be a living document and a guiding vision statement that will evolve with the community. Incorporating mana`o from various community documents generated over the past forty years, it also includes new material contributed by community members. The life of this Hawaiian island depends on the community’s active role in shaping our own future. Molokai can collectively determine what we value and what we envision for our island by drawing on the mana`o of everyone from young children to our cherished kupuna. It is our hope that the community’s investment in this island will lead to an abundant and balanced future for the next seven generations and beyond.



The Sust `āina ble Molokai Conference that was held in 2009 and the creation of a preliminary Sust `āina ble Molokai Resource Guide built upon the foundation created by this document and created a space to initiate further conversation. We hope you will look through the Resource Guide and give us feedback on what you like, what you don’t like, and how to make it better.

On the Horizon

20-year sust `Āina ble Molokai strategic action plan

We look to “Molokai, Future of a Hawaiian Island” as a guide for our actions. We seek now to flesh out the community vision described therein through a 20 Year Sust `āina ble Molokai Strategic Action Plan. It will include community-wide input on areas covered in the initial vision statement such as sustaining our culture, environment, economy, and community. We have also added to these elements through the development of a 12-point wheel that places at its hub the people and the `āina (land) co-existing in harmony and holding together the various spokes of sust `āina bility:

12-points Sust `āinability

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