Flower Bouquet for Our Kupuna

One of our farms sent along a lovely farm bouquet which we home-delivered to one of our kupuna. We were so happy

Flower Bouquet for Our Kupuna2020-04-07T11:22:48-10:00

2020 Garden2Farm Project Molokai

The 2020 Garden2Farm participants transplanting vegetable crops in their own garden plots at the Molokaʻi Applied Research and Demonstration Farm! The Garden

2020 Garden2Farm Project Molokai2020-04-07T13:18:22-10:00

Soursop Abundance 3/9/20

Got soursops? We have an abundance of very good soursops right now, which make delicious juice when strained through a ricer or

Soursop Abundance 3/9/202020-04-07T13:26:52-10:00
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