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Molokai Emergency Food Coordination

If you are interested in contributing to our COVID-19 emergency food coordination efforts, please go to our homepage (sustainablemolokai.org) to learn about how you can help!

Your one-stop shop for buying and selling Molokai-grown and produced foods.

Every week we post fresh, locally-grown produce, poi, grass-fed beef, shrimp, and other products made right here on Molokai. Our Molokai-based growers and producers name their price and post their product availability. Customers make their selections through our easy-to-use online sales platform.

Our Mission

is to increase local production and consumption—to promote healthy eating, and to support our local agricultural and food producing community.

We hope you enjoy shopping, purchasing, cooking with, and eating the Molokai products available through our Mobile Market. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, or other manaʻo.

How It Works

Dear Mobile Market ʻOhana,

We have made some significant changes to the market format and have explained them in detail below. Notable among these are our decisions to strip down our operations by discontinuing our farm table sales, the Pop-Up Cafe, and payment on location. Additionally, we have condensed the pickups on the West End from two locations on Thursday to one site in Maunaloa (where there is ample room to accommodate market traffic) on Friday.

Please read our new public safety protocols carefully, as it is certain that there are changes that affect you. Additionally, whether you are a farmer or a customer, we hope that reading these plans will build your confidence in the Mobile Market and your commitment to participating in establishing a secure food system for Molokai as we weather this challenging time. 

We will also continue to monitor the news and make decisions in the best interests of our collective health and well-being. If at any point we feel that the risk of running the market outweighs the critical need we perceive at this time for fresh, healthy, locally grown food, we will make the hard choice to shut down. That being said, please know that we intend to carry on with our mission of bringing fresh, local food to you. 

Mahalo nui loa to all for your patience and respect for one another as we go forward.  

With love and aloha,

Your ‘Ohana at Sustainable Molokai

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  • Click on “Register as a Customer”
  • Follow instructions to create a new account.
  • Check your email to complete the registration.
  • Receive weekly reminder emails of shopping period and featured product

Sustʻāina ble Molokai’s primary concern is for the safety and well-being of our customers, staff, and community. We have implemented a detailed protocol with our farmers and producers, which will be available for you to read on our website. Most of the farmerʻs markets in the state are going to drive-through pickups, and we have determined that this is the best way to deliver your orders as well. 


Please click on **NEW Market Hours and Delivery Schedule below for updates to delivery locations and your assigned pickup schedule. Please take note of your new location and time slot for pick up. PLEASE DO NOT COME EARLY. We ask that you please remain in your vehicle and wait in line until it is your turn to be handed your order.


  • We will no longer accept payment of any kind at veggie pick up. All customers will need to enter a credit card in their customer profile. You will not be able to confirm your order without a  credit card in your customer profile. All payments must be made through cards on file.  Please click this link to update your account. https://molokai.localfoodmarketplace.com/Account/Login
  • Please note: We will no longer be making individual accommodations for alternate pickups. If you do not pick up your order, your credit card will still be charged even though you will not receive your food.


  • All orders will be packed by our staff who are trained in proper handwashing and glove use. We will pack all orders in sanitized totes in either a new plastic bag or liner. When you come to the front of the line, we will pass you your bag/liner containing your order. Meat, shrimp, and other frozen items will be packed with your order in a separate plastic bag.
  • To minimize potential routes of transmission, we will no longer be using reusable or reused bags or boxes. You will be charged $1.00 per order for packaging materials. The decision to use new packaging was a hard decision for all of us. We know that our customers are equally committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling. However, we feel that this is the best way to safeguard the well-being of our customers and staff at this time.
  • The Mobile Market will discontinue all farm table sales, the Pop-Up Cafe, and plant sales until further notice.
  • We ask that you kokua by ordering only what you need for the week. Please keep others in mind when you are purchasing items that are in limited quantity (leafy greens, lettuce/salad mix, & root crops) by ordering no more than two of each. Please be assured that there will be more the following week. Make a note on your order if there are items of which you would like more. If they are still available at the end of the ordering period, we will add those to your order for the week. We trust that this will not be an issue, but please note that our staff reserves the right to alter orders if we feel that there is a hoarding mentality happening.
  • If at any point you or anyone else you have been in contact with begins to feel ill, please make arrangements for someone else to pick up your order.

We will continue our existing deliveries to the Home Pumehana community. However, to ensure the residents’ well-being, we will no longer be bringing your order inside your apartment. Please be sure to have to leave an appropriately sized open container on your lanai for us to place your order in. We will be discontinuing all other free deliveries at this time. 

In the interest of maintaining small groups,  we have changed the Mobile Market pick up times and locations. We ask that you come during the specific time slot based on the first letter of the last name as entered on your Customer Profile.
There will be no delivery to the Kaluakoi condos. We appreciate your kokua in helping us to continue running the Mobile Market and apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause.
Please take note of your new location and time slot for pick up. PLEASE DO NOT COME EARLY. We ask that you please remain in your vehicle and wait in line until it is your turn to be handed your order.

TOWN PICK UP: Thursday from 1:00 to 2:30pm in the parking lot in front of Molokai Community Health Center 

  • A -J: 1:00-1:30pm
  • K – R: 1:30-2:00pm
  • S – Z: 2:00-2:30pm

WEST END PICK UP: Friday from 12:00-1:00pm behind the old Maunaloa store

  • A -J: 12:00-12:30pm
  • K – Z: 12:30-1:00pm

** Please contact Jamie (phone/email) if you plan on hui-ing up and picking up other folks orders so we can place those orders with yours in your time slot.

We will continue our existing deliveries to the Home Pumehana community. However, to ensure the residents’ well-being, we will no longer be bringing your order inside your apartment. Please be sure to have to leave an appropriately sized open container on your lanai for us to place your order in. We will be discontinuing all other free deliveries at this time. 

You will still order online between Monday 9 AM and Tuesday 6 PM (you can also view the prior market’s products outside of those times).

  • We accept EBT/SNAP for all eligible items – including produce, meat, poi, and other items (not hot prepared foods). Just add your items to your cart and select “Pay on Invoice”. You can also add items available at the delivery on Thursdays.
  • Double BuxEBT/SNAP customers can get 50% off of their purchase—up to $50 in free produce when buying at least $50 in eligible items! When you pick up your order, we will deduct the portion of your bill that Double Bux covers.
    • Please note: While meat qualifies as an EBT/SNAP-eligible item, you cannot use Double Bux to pay for it. Examples:  You can purchase up to $50 in meat and get $50 in produce for free. But, if you order $50 in meat and only $25 in produce, you will only receive $25 in free produce.
  • Temporarily Closed Due to COVID-19
      • We will not be offering point of sale items until further notice. Please do not send anything extra.
      • We will not be offering plants for sale at this time. Please do not post any plants or cuttings on the market.
      • All items must be brought to our driver at the pick-up location on Wednesday without exception.
      • All fruits and vegetables must be harvested and packed with hands that have either have been properly washed and/or with proper use of disposable gloves. ALL produce (fruits and vegetables) must be washed in potable water.
      • Bag produce (if you are bagging) in an unused (new & clean) bag. We will not accept produce packaged in reused cardboard boxes or bags.
      • Produce must be delivered in reusable containers that are cleaned and sanitized before every use (even if you are using a plastic liner.) Acceptable containers may include:
        1. plastic totes
        2. laundry baskets
        3. harvest totes
        4. buckets
        5. any of the above, lined with a clean single-use plastic liner.
      • Our staff, wearing new disposable gloves, will put the produce from your containers into our sanitized totes so that you can take them back to sanitize and reuse.
        To clean and sanitize your containers properly, please follow these steps:
        1. Remove any obvious dirt and debris from the food contact surface. This can be done using a hand brush to sweep, or water to rinse of off debris. You must use potable water.
        2. Apply a detergent approved for food contact surfaces at the level recommended on the label and physically scrub the surface to remove any soil or debris.
        3. Rinse the surface with potable water making sure to remove all the detergent and soil/debris.
        4. Apply a sanitizer approved for use on food contact surfaces Rinsing may be necessary. (Please read label of product for proper use and concentration.). Let the surface air dry.
      • If you need recommendations of appropriate sanitizers, please contact Jamie.
        Important point: You cannot sanitize a dirty surface. Cleaning always comes first!
      • If you or anyone else on your staff begins to feel ill or comes into contact with someone who is showing symptoms, we ask that you alert SM staff immediately and discontinue selling on the Mobile Market for 14 days after your symptoms have resolved.
      • In the future, all Mobile Market producers will be required to have completed Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course (or equivalent to your industry, such as HACCP training). If you have not already taken this training, please contact
        [email protected] She will provide you with the most recent information on best practices for produce handling as no trainings are will be scheduled on Molokai until it is appropriate to gather in groups, or online training is created.
      • +++You must confirm that you have read the above protocols and can meet all criteria prior to selling on the Mobile Market when it re-opens. You may do this by either calling or emailing Jamie at (808) 658-9935 or via email
  • Sustʻāina ble Molokai currently supplies wholesale produce to our island schools and restaurants.
  • If you are a grower and would like to find out more, or
  • If you would like to purchase wholesale produce, please contact us at [email protected] or 560-5410.

We Accept EBT

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