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Sustʻāina ble Molokai Mobile Market

Your one-stop shop for buying and selling Molokai-grown and produced foods.

Every week we post fresh, locally-grown produce, poi, grass-fed beef, shrimp, and other products made right here on Molokai. Our Molokai-based growers and producers name their price and post their product availability. Customers make their selections through our easy-to-use online sales platform.

Our Mission

is to increase local production and consumption—to promote healthy eating, and to support our local agricultural and food producing community.

We hope you enjoy shopping, purchasing, cooking with, and eating the Molokai products available through our Mobile Market. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, or other manaʻo.

How It Works

  • Click on this link >>>
  • Click on “Register as a Customer”
  • Follow instructions to create a new account.
  • Check your email to complete the registration.
  • Receive weekly reminder emails of shopping period and featured product
  • Order online between Monday 9 AM and Tuesday 6 PM (you can also view the prior market’s products outside of those times).
  • Pick up your order on Thursday at the delivery location you selected in registering your account:
    • Kaunakakai: 12 PM to 1:30 PM at the Molokai Community Health Center under the Banyan Tree at 30 Oki Pl in Kaunakakai.
    • West End: 3 to 3:30 PM at the Kaluakoi Condos
    • Maunaloa: 4:30 to 5:00 PM in the Maunaloa General Store back parking lot.
  • forgot to order or don’t have an account yet? you can still shop at any of our pickup locations from our selection of local products on display. you can also order from our pop-up café in kaunakakai from 12 to 1:30 pm.
  • We accept EBT/SNAP for all eligible items – including produce, meat, poi, and other items (not hot prepared foods). Just add your items to your cart and select “Pay on Invoice”. You can also add items available at the delivery on Thursdays.
  • Double BuxEBT/SNAP customers can get 50% off of their purchase—up to $50 in free produce when buying at least $50 in eligible items! When you pick up your order, we will deduct the portion of your bill that Double Bux covers.
    • Please note: While meat qualifies as an EBT/SNAP-eligible item, you cannot use Double Bux to pay for it. Examples:  You can purchase up to $50 in meat and get $50 in produce for free. But, if you order $50 in meat and only $25 in produce, you will only receive $25 in free produce.
  • Enjoy a healthy meal and refreshing drinks that feature locally produced ingredients every Thursday 12 to 1:30 PM at our Kaunakakai pick-up location (Molokai Community Health Center).
  • Each week, you will receive a “Fresh Sheet” email that showcases items for sale on Mobile Market and also provides the menu for that weeks’ Pop-up café.
  • Just order your items at the café and bring your order slip to our cash register.
  • Eating local and healthy has never been so easy!
  • You will need to be “approved” before you can get access. We usually do that within 24 hours of your request when you sign up here
  • After we meet about our Policies, Procedures, and Food Safety requirements, you will be able to start selling your products.
  • We can help you set-up your farm and product info on website.
  • If you would like to create value-added products using our certified kitchen agreement with the Molokai Community Health Center or be a vendor at our Pop-up Café, please let us know!
  • For questions, please contact Jamie Ronzello at via email or call 560-5410.
  • Sustʻāina ble Molokai currently supplies wholesale produce to our island schools and restaurants.
  • If you are a grower and would like to find out more, or
  • If you would like to purchase wholesale produce, please contact us at [email protected] or 560-5410.

We Accept EBT

When placing your order, select “Pay on Invoice,” then
bring your EBT card to your pick-up location.

Sustainable Molokai

Sustainable Molokai
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