Mobile Market Highlights for 3/23/20

Aloha Mobile Market ʻOhana!

We are going to start sending an email on Sundays to let you know what we have an abundant supply of so you can menu plan with what’s on hand.

Let’s get creative! If you have questions, recipes, insights, or thoughts about storing and preparing fresh produce that would be good to share, please send to [email protected]

Mahalo for your ongoing support of Sust’ āina ble Molokai’s Mobile Market!

Daikon Root from Barking Deer Farms in Hoolehua
This week we will have plenty of daikon root from Barking Deer Farms!
Daikon is a mild but flavorful radish used most often in Asian cooking. It is commonly used in pickling and stir-frying… but it is also just delicious raw. You can grate part of a daikon root and keep it on hand and ready add to salad. You can wrap the rest tightly and keep it in your refrigerator for a surprisingly long time.Daikon has some pretty powerful properties — click here for more info about its nutritional benefits and for a great immunity-boosting recipe for Ginger-Orange Pickled Daikon + Immune Shots.One of the best parts of daikon is its snappy crunch, so it makes great sticks for snacks or can be sliced into “chips” and used to dip into hummus or your favorite veggie dip. Daikon is also pretty good roasted… click here for a link to a Spicy Daikon French Fry recipe… if you try it, let us know what you think!
Fresh Tangerines from Molokai Moringa
fresh molokai tangerines molokai moringa
We also have an abundant supply of juicy tangerines from Molokai Moringa! We will be selling these in half-dozens with no limit. 

Citrus juice freezes really well, so you can stock up, juice and store for later in the spring and summer when tangerines are just a dream here on Molokai. Click here for a blog post featuring 5 different tangerine recipes that all look sensational.
(What? Tangerine Poppyseed Pancakes?   ? )

Content taken from our SM FB page.