Mobile Market Highlight 4/6/20

Aloha Mobile Market Ohana, Things will be a little different this week, for one thing, pick up in town will be one

Mobile Market Highlight 4/6/202020-04-07T11:14:26-10:00

Flower Bouquet for Our Kupuna

One of our farms sent along a lovely farm bouquet which we home-delivered to one of our kupuna. We were so happy

Flower Bouquet for Our Kupuna2020-04-07T11:22:48-10:00

1st Molokai Home Chicken Egg Production

Sust’ āina ble Molokai’s first chicken egg producer program participants are picking up their materials so they can go home and build

1st Molokai Home Chicken Egg Production2020-04-07T11:11:38-10:00

Mobile Market Highlights – 3/30/20

Aloha Mobile Market ʻOhana! We did it! The first drive-through Mobile Market was a success thanks to everyone's kōkua. Mahalo nui loa to

Mobile Market Highlights – 3/30/202020-04-07T11:14:44-10:00

Mobile Market Open During COVID19 3-27-20

  Sanitized totes and new bags. Check. Handwashing station and gloves. Check. Online orders of Molokai-grown produce and Molokai Livestock Co-op grass-fed

Mobile Market Open During COVID19 3-27-202020-04-07T11:14:56-10:00

Mobile Market Highlights for 3/23/20

Mobile Market Highlights for 3/23/20 Aloha Mobile Market ʻOhana! We are going to start sending an email on Sundays to let you

Mobile Market Highlights for 3/23/202020-04-07T11:15:05-10:00

Hui-Up Molokai Updates

Aloha Molokai Hui-Up Participants, Due to the advisories and actions by the CDC and State Government, IMPORTANT CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE TO

Hui-Up Molokai Updates2020-04-07T11:29:48-10:00

Hui-Up Molokai Updates 3/20/20

Aloha Molokai Hui-Up Participants! Emails and calls are going out to everyone whose appliance order is available for pick up next week.

Hui-Up Molokai Updates 3/20/202020-04-07T11:40:37-10:00

Sustainable Molokai Collective Pop-Up Cafe

Green beans and tangerine dreams on the Mobile Market farm table today and Frankie Jane & Jo Lee are cooking up their

Sustainable Molokai Collective Pop-Up Cafe2020-04-07T11:48:45-10:00

2020 Garden2Farm Project Molokai

The 2020 Garden2Farm participants transplanting vegetable crops in their own garden plots at the Molokaʻi Applied Research and Demonstration Farm! The Garden

2020 Garden2Farm Project Molokai2020-04-07T13:18:22-10:00
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