Hui Up!

Hui Up! Energy-efficient appliance exchange

Hui Up! helps our island become more sustainable by providing Molokai residents the opportunity (and financial incentive) to exchange old appliances for new energy-efficient ones and reduce our island’s carbon footprint through energy conservation. The program provides Molokai residents with access to new energy efficient appliances by shipping them straight to Kaunakakai and holding the exchange on island in a central location.  Participants can drop off their old appliance and pick up their new one through an easy drive-by style exchange coordinated by SM, or pay for delivery.

This makes energy efficient appliances affordable for local families through bulk purchasing at wholesale prices, alleviating shipping costs, and applying Hawaiʻi Energy rebates.  Energy efficient appliances also help reduce our electric usage and therefore our electric bills.

How to Participate?

Add your contact information to our NEW Hui Up! waitlist! If you chose AC as the appliance are you most interested in, we will contact you to process the application and payment.

2024 Hui Up! Waitlist Form

Hui Up Achievements

Hui Up 6 (2020-22)

exchanged a record of 1,200 units

  • Helped over 800 Molokai families to reduce their electric burden.
  • Provided 50 free appliances to Molokai families participating in LIHEAP
  • Provided 30 free solar water heaters, including the cost of installation and maintenance for the life of the heater

Hui Up 2-5 (2011-2018)

exchanged 700+ refrigerators

Hui Up 1 (2010)

exchanged 40,000 incandescent light bulbs for CLFs

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