Molokai Clean Energy Hui


The Molokai Clean Energy Hui (MCEH) is a community initiative facilitated by Sustʻāinable Molokai to organize community-led conversations focused on understanding and advancing a clean energy future for Molokai.

Inspired by the Molokai Clean Energy Initiative (MCEI) that ended in 2015, the Molokai Clean Energy Hui was launched as a two-year pilot in October 2020. Sustʻāinable Molokai (SM) has convened a diverse group of respected and committed Molokai residents who want to work together to help our community understand and advance a clean energy future for our island.

MCEH’s purpose is to help Molokai become the resilient, clean energy community we all want to share.

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The Hui works with partners on three interconnected components of Molokai’s clean energy future:

Energy Conservation

explore and promote energy conservation opportunities for Molokai residents, businesses, schools, and organizations

Renewable Electricity

learn about proposed renewable energy generation projects and grid improvements and provides input

Clean Transportation

explore options and strategies for clean transportation on Molokai